“One of the most challenging workouts in Manchester! Takes all of the hassle out of working out – free towels, bobbles, hairdryers, straighteners… and all the instructors are super friendly!”

KOR’s Resistance classes are a far cry from your regular HIIT class. Our classes are meticulously planned and structured to ensure you are achieving maximum efficiency, alternating between muscle group focus with muscle recovery taking place with treadmill sprints or on the assault bike. Whether you take one of our body-part focused or fully-body classes, we guarantee results faster than you can imagine! 

  • 4 stations: strength, suspension rings/boxing bags, treadmills and assault bikes 
  • muscle-group focus with alternating sprints ensuring maximum efficiency 
  • curated playlists, pushing you to sprint faster and work harder!
  • challenging workout that will push you to your limits 
  • best instructors in town! 

Monday: Push & Pull

Tuesday: Leg It!  

Wednesday: BoxKOR 

Thursday: KORe 

Friday: Ultimate

Saturday: HIIT & Run

Sunday: Circuits 



Manchester’s only private spin studio, Revolution at KOR is worlds apart from your regular spin class.

We use Ride By Colour – a system made to test you, and push you to new limits.

Welcome to the fun, performance based, indoor cycling class where each rider has their resistance levels suited to their ability.

Every session you do with us can be tracked in the ICG App giving you all you need to maximise your performance when you ride with us at KOR.

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