• KOR’s signature boxing workout 
  • Targeting full body with boxing drills
  • Alternating between sprints, strength and boxing for maximum efficiency 
  • Use of dumbbells, kettlebells and boxing bags
  • Carefully curated playlists to push you further
  • A gruelling full body workout! 





KOR’s Punchbag Workout 

One of our most intense classes. Combine all the usual high intensity favourites at KOR with a killer bag circuit thrown in too.

Had a tough day? Why not come take it out on one of our new punch bags!





We hands-down have the most energetic, fun and passionate instructors in the industry. A team of fitness professionals, ready to take you to new levels. Click to read more about those taking you through your paces! 




Liam is an ex professional boxer with a winning record, he’s been in with some of the best in the sport and is an ex sparring partner of heavyweight champ Tyson fury.

As a coach with over 8 years experience his style is in depth technical boxing expertise coming hard with good craic and graft through solid strength and conditioning with pure love.

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