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Featuring Manchesters only Ride by Colour and Connect spin class.  Revolution at KOR has already been a hit.  KOR's most popular class works to ensure everyone in the class is working at the same intensity.  Gone are the days of slacking at the back of a spin class pretending to add resistance!  Ride by Colour has everyone working at specific percentages of their predetermined maximum. Each of which is highlighted by the colours which the instructor can see on the front of each bike. Working from white at the bottom range through

Intro  The face of fitness is changing.  The rapid expansion of budget 24 hour gyms has meant that we can exercise at any time of day (or night).  We’ve also seen the mid budget gyms merge together into gym groups to try and compete.  Health Clubs at the top end of the market have continued to flourish with many opening 2nd and 3rd premises.  This being especially true in London.   The corner of the market that has seen some of the fastest growth is boutique group exercise gyms.  As is usual

HIIT Me!  Why HIIT Workouts Could Get You In the Best Shape of Your Life Nowadays many gym goers are looking for a feeling.  Something which enables them to know they worked hard.  A bonus would be, they also have a good experience along the way you would hope! Its the “feeling” of doing something worthwhile which is driving so many people out of traditional gyms and into group exercise studios just like KOR.  The question is.  Is there a tangible benefit to your body composition from all this feel good exercise?