Open for Fitness

Our concept is two fold.  Studio 1 Resistance.  Studio 2 Revolution.  Our ethos is simple.  Work hard & have fun!

Resistance is KOR’s HIIT workout.  Mixing weights, bodyweight, sprints and the assault bike together on specifically tailored body part days.  Burn up to 850 calories in Manchesters highest calorie burning workout!

Revolution is KOR’s Spin class.  Our fantastic instructors take you on the indoor ride of your life with Life Fitness Connect.  Chase your class mates to see who burns the most calories, travels the furthest, or makes it to the RED ZONE!  All monitored on your bike and our big screen.


In the large Main Studio you will find everything you will need for a killer weights and cardio workout.As you can imagine it is all in the interest of simplicity. Treadmills, dumbbells, benches and Assault Bikes! All adding up to the most effective workout in Manchester! Burn 850 calories in just 45 minutes and with KOR’s split days you can work every muscle in your body throughout the week.


Welcome to Manchester only ICG Spin Studio with Life Fitness.This is by far the most immersive spin experience.Our blacked out studio and just shy of 70″ screen means you won’t find a better spin experience anywhere! Forget mundane spin classes. KOR has Europes leading ICG Instructors on its Team! Join The Revolution at KOR.