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How to get the most of your KOR Resistance workout


How to get the most of your




Pace it 

Pick a maintainable pace on the treads and assault bikes. Your instructor will give you some guidance on the pace to take, but ultimately – this is your workout! You’ll know the duration of your sprint and time on the station, so pace yourself accordingly – there’s always next time to push yourself some more!


Don’t be a hero

Pick weights that allow you to maintain good posture throughout the floor exercises. Feel you could go a bit heavier? Go grab some heavier weights!Better still, note down your weights in your phone and go heavier next time! 


Use your noggin

On the topic of floor exercises, focus on that mind-muscle connection. Each day of the week focuses on a different muscle group, but even then your instructor will lead you through the muscles being worked. Your time on the weights is the time to slow down and really work on getting stronger so use the knowledge given to you and mind-muscle connection to get the most out of it!


Pick your victim 

We’re a friendly bunch, but we also think a bit of healthy competition is always, well… fun. Pick someone on your station you will out-ball-slam, out-run, out-do on the assault bikes. Maybe don’t tell them – that’s weird. But let it push you that little bit further. 


Do. Not. Stop.

Can’t bare do another burpee? Overdone it and getting a stitch on the treadmill? Slow it down – but try not to stop. Bring it down to jog, walk the burpee out, drop the weights and bodyweight squat. Whatever you do, try to slow it down first before stopping completely. 


Get your pre-workout fuel in

And be smart about it. Carbs pre-workout (and a quick coffee shot from our lovely front of house if you fancy) and protein post-workout. Options available at reception! Not only will you be able to push that little bit harder while in class – any recovery will be faster, and your muscles will thank you! 


Plan like a smart-ass

Don’t do squat-day in the gym just before you come to a Leg It! class. Give yourself 10 minutes on a  Sunday to plan your week ahead and to schedule your classes in. 


Rest and rehydrate 

Make sure you factor in sufficient rest, especially if you’ve decided to push it a bit further and are feeling the doomsday DOMS (go you though!). They get better – promise. And drink some water will ya! During and after. A lot of it. 


Have fun and give it 100%!

Whatever you do, just have fun and make sure you’re HAVING FUN!