Manchesters coolest gym is here so come and be part of the KORmunity.

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August 2020

  How to get the most of your KOR RESISTANCE workout 01 Pace it  Pick a maintainable pace on the treads and assault bikes. Your instructor will give you some guidance on the pace to take, but ultimately - this is your workout! You’ll know the duration of your sprint and time on the station, so pace yourself accordingly - there’s always next time to push yourself some more! 02 Don't be a hero Pick weights that allow you to maintain good posture throughout the floor exercises. Feel you could go a bit heavier? Go grab some heavier

The Team at KOR are proud to introduce the KORmmunity initiative – a scheme that aims to help those adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognise the far-reaching effects the pandemic has had on people within the Greater Manchester area – particularly in terms of people’s mental health.    Josh, KOR’s owner, has always spoken about the important correlation between mental health and physical activity, and so we are delighted we are able to offer up our services – free of charge – to those who think they may benefit.  KORmmunity