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The Changing Trend In Fitness


The face of fitness is changing.  The rapid expansion of budget 24 hour gyms has meant that we can exercise at any time of day (or night).  We’ve also seen the mid budget gyms merge together into gym groups to try and compete.  Health Clubs at the top end of the market have continued to flourish with many opening 2nd and 3rd premises.  This being especially true in London.  

The corner of the market that has seen some of the fastest growth is boutique group exercise gyms.  As is usual in fitness, they started around 10 years ago in America as a way for gym goers to receive a targeted, efficient experience.  Then, they headed to London & around 5 years later, they’ve finally hit The North.  

Invest In Manchester calls Manchester an economic powerhouse, stating the economy in 2012 grew by 42% and is home to over 3 million people.  Mancunians, especially the millennials, are also really fitness savvy.  They value their health and fitness more than any other generation before them.    

Is the Traditional Gym Model Really Dead?  

The 2019 gym goer is more knowledgeable than ever.  They know what they want from a workout and most importantly of all they want a great experience, not wanting to waste their valuable time.  This is why the group exercise gym is so popular.  Not only do they offer fantastic works that get you sweating and in shape in 45 minutes or less! They offer extras which most other gyms don’t. 

The experience is key.  Something which most businesses have forgotten, not just gyms.  Staff remembering your name, even a smile are all too rare.  Gyms that consistently go above and beyond for its members, surprising them now and again with extras.  Even the odd free coffee! All of this is why boutique gyms are thriving. 

Living The Fast Life

With the amount of free time we all have being squeezed more than ever, the need for places to go where you can guarantee an effective workout in a short period of time has also contributed to group exercise gyms being so popular.  A great compromise between bootcamp and a Personal Trainer.  Burn serious calories and feel part of something! 

KOR’s Mission Statement

KOR is all about balance.  Are the workouts challenging? Hell yes! We also understand the need for down time and its cool if you drink at the weekend and have a pizza or two… maybe.  Im more about chips & gravy myself. 

Our aim is to create a KORmunity amongst our members where everyone works hard, has fun and gets treated like they would in a 5 star hotel.  

See you under the lights.