Manchesters coolest gym is here so come and be part of the KORmunity.

0161 806 0655 45-47 Newton St, Manchester M1 1FT Mon-Sun 06:00-20.00
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Featuring Manchesters only Ride by Colour and Connect spin class.  Revolution at KOR has already been a hit.  KOR’s most popular class works to ensure everyone in the class is working at the same intensity.  Gone are the days of slacking at the back of a spin class pretending to add resistance!  Ride by Colour has everyone working at specific percentages of their predetermined maximum. Each of which is highlighted by the colours which the instructor can see on the front of each bike.

Working from white at the bottom range through green and blue in the medium intensity range, all the way through to sprints in the RED ZONE.  Both you and your bike are on fire in the red zone, the screen turns to a swirling inferno and you can watch your calories melt away.

Headed by owner Josh Yell our crack team of Instructors offer an eclectic array of classes from Julius’ Hip Hop Fridays, Cavan’s popular funky disco and Ella’s Intervals.  What ever your fitness level, you’re sure to get an amazing workout from KOR’s modern take on the ever popular classic.

Join The Revolution up to 13 times per day with classes running from 6.45am.  Our instructors are 5 star rated on ClassPass come and join us for a calorie melting ride!