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Why HIIT Workouts Could Get You In the Best Shape of Your Life

Nowadays many gym goers are looking for a feeling.  Something which enables them to know they worked hard.  A bonus would be, they also have a good experience along the way you would hope! Its the “feeling” of doing something worthwhile which is driving so many people out of traditional gyms and into group exercise studios just like KOR.  The question is.  Is there a tangible benefit to your body composition from all this feel good exercise?  

Luckily for you, there is! There is real scientific benefit to performing high intensity sprints in conjunction with lifting weights.  Ever heard trainers saying, “you’ll be burning fat for days now.”? This is all down to one process, called EPOC.  Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  

What is EPOC?

EPOC is the process of burning oxygen after we are done with the dumbbells.  Meaning we are expelling more calories in that period after the gym.  The cool thing is this can last for ages after the session! 

Why Does This Happen?

Essentially, sprinting and lifting weights is very anaerobic.  This means our bodies are working, on the whole, without oxygen.  This shoots up our heart rate and therefore “calorie burning modes” in your bodies effort to try and increase the amount of oxygen in the body.  This cant be done as classes are often 45 minutes long, which means the process of EPOC is required afterwards.  

What Does This Mean For Your Body Comp Goals?

Reseach has shown that EPOC can increase calories expenditure post exercise to over 200 calories! Add this to the potential 650-850 you could burn during training and thats going to put you in a calorie deficit for sure.  All we need is a deficit of 200 calories per day in order to begin losing body fat.

The Take Away…

Work as hard as you possible can in a class.  You quite literally get more out, the more you put in!